Program Overview & Purpose

The Queens Fellowship Thrive Mentoring Program was instituted to help young girls/teens/women to cope with typical problems and issues at home, work, and school; bring self-awareness; and intended for positive choices that will shape their future. The program will offer monthly interactive sessions that will combine learning, fun, leadership opportunities, self-esteem building exercises designed to affirm, empower, encourage, develop leaders and to improve 3 areas that are called the 3 “S’s” …self-confidence, self-care and self-discipline.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings combine learning, fun, leadership opportunities, mentoring and self-esteem building exercises. All meetings are facilitated by one or more Mentoring Program leaders, volunteers, members, and supported by volunteer mentors. The group meetings range in size from 5-10 girls/women and with an average ratio of 1:1.


Program Goals

The Queens Fellowship Network Mentoring program was developed in 2018 to support girls and women who need development and support. Our individual and group mentoring program curriculum will focus on 4 major areas:


  1. Develop Leaders 

  2. Improve Self-Confidence and Esteem

  3. Improve Self-Care

  4. Improve Self-Discipline

Women Colleagues